Global Happiness Alliance

GHA's (Happiness 7+1) sectors


Subsistence agriculture ensures self-sufficiency and food security. Strengthen the productivity and environmental management of subsistence agriculture to prevent and mitigate future food crises. Promote organic farming and forbidding the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to protect human health and the environment.

Environmental Protection

Remediation of soil, protection of the ecological environment, conservation of biodiversity, and zero pollution.

civil society

Promoting exchanges and cooperation between civil society organizations. Civil society plays a very important role in advocating social innovation, providing services to vulnerable groups, and creating social capital.

Sustainable energy

Supporting renewable energy, using low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials to build houses, and reducing energy consumption.

healthcare & epidemic prevention

Establishing a people-centered and integrated healthcare system. Preparedness and Response Plan for Post-Natural Disaster and Epidemic Outbreak.

information technology

Smart cities and community: application of information technology to manage assets, resources and services efficiently. Application of information technology to provide basic services (such as e-health or online education) to meet residents' work, study and living needs and improve the quality of life.


Improving people's living standards through government policies.

arts & culture

Art education enhances social cohesion. Art education enables people not only to understand art itself, but also to better understand the culture, belief system, and values of our society. Art serves as a catalyst for positive social change and a vehicle for strong social cohesion.

The Future of Living

Creating a New Ecovillage Model (integrating the 7+1 sectors: arts & culture, environmental protection, healthcare & epidemic prevention, agriculture, information technology, sustainable energy, civil society, and government).